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Ref Registration for 2022 is open, please read carefully at the bottom of this page on how to register 

If you have any questions please email Bill at [email protected]

Referee Information

  • Referees need to be 14 years or older.   
  • Refs do not need any experience, but we do recommend that Refs also play in a division.
  • Refs are paid $25 a game, each year of experience refs make an additional $5 per year
  • There will be a mandatory Ref clinic on the 2nd Saturday after Labor Day at Hillcrest Field, time TBA


  • Refs will officiate games on Saturdays starting the 3rd Saturday after Labor day.  Some of the more experienced refs will start working the 1st Saturday after labor day.
  • I also ask for all refs to help out at the evaluation day, which is usually the first Saturday after Labor Day.  Refs are paid hourly based on half of their normal game day rate.  So if you get $25 a game, then you get paid $12.50 and hour to help out at evaluation day.   Usually refs help stretch our the players, throw and catch passes, etc

Referee Documentation

Besides registering to Ref on this website, Referees also need to fill out a Tax form, and Rec Application and drop off at the Readington Recreation Department.  You can also email your forms to Rec department at.
[email protected]

Referees also need to fill out working papers.  These can be picked up at the local school they attend.  Follow directions carefully about who needs to get what copies, etc.

Tax InfoApplication Weekly Payment Slip, bring and have coaches sign each week.

Ref Responsibilties

Readington Divisional / NFL Flag rules should be read and understood. 

Any questions contact Bill

Make copies of all paperwork before dropping them off anywhere.

Referee Registration Info

To register, parents will need to create an account on this site. Then to register as a ref, use the link below  (if you are under your account you can go to volunteer opportunities also)

You should see an option for 2022 Referee, click here.  Hit the signup button and select continue. Note you are registering as a 'volunteer' but this is a paid job.

Once you hit continue you will select sign up another family member.  Here you will enter all of the email and other info for the referee.  It is important that all refs have an email that they check often during the season.  This is the primary means of communicating and assigning games.

Under relationship to participant just select 'other'

Any questions let me know
[email protected]
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