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Coaches Meeting

We will have a mandatory Coaches meeting tentatively scheduled for  Thursday, September 7th.
Meeting location will be at TBD.

This is important that we discuss items leading up to the evaluation day on September 9th.

Helpful Links for Coaches

All Coaches in addition to registering as a coach on this site, we would ask if you can also register here to help with some other administration.

RULES, please read and understand them.   Each Division has slight modifications

Game Day Division Rule Highlights

Clinic/Practice Info, we will all follow these eval stations on the first day.   The 2nd/3rd grade division will meet as a group for their first practice after the clinic/evals and use this format.  Both can also be used to run any practice at any level of play and has great info to help coaches learn how to coach flag football.

Some really good drills with descriptions and videos from NFL Flag.  Not some of the videos might need to be opened in you tube, but there is a link to do so, click here

Coaches click here for some NFL Flag Plays to choose from.

Here are some other plays we found online, spread formations, and tight formations.  

I would check out all 3 of the above and see what you like best.

Also here are some examples to use for player rotations for games.

For the Older Divisons,

Templates for plays for the wrist bands and one sheet you can use to organize the plays on the sideline.

Two documents in word format.  May need to tweak a bit to print properly depending on what wrist bands you have.
One is for coach to have a list of plays, other goes into the wrist bands.  3 sides
Click HERE

Here is an alternative visual format for wristband plays.  Wrist Band Plays and One Sheet Pass Plays and One Sheet Run Plays.  The wrist plays are formatted to fit Neuman Wrist Coach Youth wristbands.

Lastly these are some helpful links from NFL FLAG

Coaches Safety Information

All Coaches must attend the Rutgers Safety Course and be Fingerprinted by the state. Fingerprinting must be done every 5 years.

Rutgers Class;

It is free for all Readington coaches so no reimbursement needed. Register at . Log into your account or create one. Go to PROGRAM page and then to "Classes & Sports Clinics Adults" to find the Rutgers class. Register for the one with no fee.

If you cannot attend any of them on the Readington Rec site check this link for one near you. You will need to contact whoever is running it, sign up and pay for it. Readington Rec will reimburse you for attending a Rutgers Safety Classs outside of Readington. Keep all of your receipts and bring them to the rec department.


This is run by the state. Fingerprinting must be done every 5 years.

Please click this link to view the information that is required.

Make an appointment, and bring the form with you. Pay for this as needed.

Readington Rec will reimburse you for the Rutgers class and Fingerprinting.

Any questions on the above, please contact Readington Recreation


Lisa [email protected]

Gabrielle [email protected]

Any injuries coaches please fill out the Readington Rec Incident Report and email to Lisa Baum in the Readington Rec office.  See contact info above.
Readington Rec has secondary insurance for any out of pocket expenses incurred by the family.

Click here for the accident report

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