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RULES, please read and understand them.

Coaches click here for some NFL Flag Plays to choose from.

Here are some other plays we found online, spread formations, and tight formations.  

I would check out all 3 of the above and see what you like best.


Also here are some examples to use for player rotations for games.


Lastly these are some helpful links from NFL FLAG

For the Older Divisons,

Templates for plays for the wrist bands and one sheet you can use to organize the plays on the sideline.

Coaches Forms


We need all coaches (returning and new) to register on this flag football site under register online.

Additionally you will need to submit an electronic form on the Readington Rec home page. Go to and on the right side of the home page it says COACHES CORNER. Click on that to find coaching application.

All Coaches must attend the Rutgers Safety Course and be Fingerprinted by the state. Fingerprinting must be done every 5 years.

Rutgers Class;

It is free for all Readington coaches so no reimbursement needed. Register at . Log into your account or create one. Go to PROGRAM page and then to "Classes & Sports Clinics Adults" to find the Rutgers class. Register for the one with no fee.

If you cannot attend any of them on the Readington Rec site check this link for one near you. You will need to contact whoever is running it, sign up and pay for it. Readington Rec will reimburse you for attending a Rutgers Safety Classs outside of Readington. Keep all of your receipts and bring them to the rec department.


This is run by the state. Fingerprinting must be done every 5 years.

Open the form to the right, you will need a number off there to register online

Go to this website

Make an appointment, and bring the form with you. Pay for this as needed.

Readington Rec will reimburse you for the Rutgers class and Fingerprinting.

Any questions on the above, please contact Readington Recreation




Fingerprinting Form

Sponsor Help Needed

We need someone to help solicit some sponsors to advertise on our website.  The ads will be on the left side of the website under the page tabs.

If you would like to volunteer to help solicit, or if you are a company that would like to advertise on the site email Bill

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